Wedding dress with bold woven pattern

The effectiveness of this otherwise simple wedding gown derives from the spectacular fabric with its bold woven pattern that resembles octopus suckers. The designer Kathleen Fuller has made the most of the fabric by exercising restraint in her application of additional details, using only three rows of vertical ruching on the bodice to soften the overall appearance. Lovely finishing details such as piping along the edges of the neckline and pointed sleeves, and the lining of the sleeves and bodice in soft net fabric, are hallmarks of her sensitive touch as a designer.


Copyright: All Rights Reserved, image © Rose Jackson
Designer: Kathleen Fuller
Manufacturing location: Levy Building, corner of Manners and Taranaki Streets, Wellington
Garment type: Wedding dress
Material: Synthetic satin jacquard
Colour: White
Purchase location: Minerva Salon
Label: Kathleen Fuller
Date: Circa 1938