Wedding dress in lemon point d'esprit netting

This wedding dress was made by Kathleen Fuller for her label, Minerva Gowns. It is made special by restrained use of a dainty matching cotton lace edging (with a leaf motif) which has been arranged to form a spiral at each side of the neckline, to trim the edges of the inset waist panel and to edge the short puffed sleeves. The primrose yellow acetate under slip of this gown beautifully sets off the fine cotton hail spot net overdress.


Credit: Image courtesy of Rose Jackson
Copyright: All Rights Reserved, image © Rose Jackson
Designer: Kathleen Fuller
Manufacturing location: Christchurch or Wellington
Garment type: Evening dress
Material: Point d'esprit netting
Colour: Lemon
Purchase location: Minerva Salon
Label: Minerva
Date: Early 1930s