Tanya Barlow


New Zealand Fashion Museum · 'to fashion' Intro - Tanya Barlow

I am:

Tanya Barlow, age 38, preferred pronouns She/Her. Fat positive Singaporean Chinese/Pakeha babe. Third culture kid. Fashion clown. Multidisciplinary artist and joyful collaborator. Nail art and skincare nerd. Writer, storyteller, and future voice over artist. Best friend of one-year-old puppy Delilah, and tolerated by tuxedo cat Rodney.

I am wearing:

I'm wearing the Fiona top by Tyler McGillivary, made in collaboration with the awesome Shop Berriez. I love the Fran Fine vibes of this clashy pink and orange wide collared halter. I've paired it with a knitted skirt from ASOS with a western sunset and cowboy design- I had to get a little yeehaw tribute in there. White Crocs were gifted by my flatmate for my birthday. I was a fast convert to this aerated comfy sandal, and have worn them constantly since. Charms are a very silly duck face, cha siu bao, a clown, a smiling daisy, and one that says, "Oops!". Tights are sharkies from Snag Tights, socks are from Big Bud Press. Rings on my right hand were both gifted by my mother. Both stones are green, and purchased on trips overseas. The other is a signet ring I found at a vintage fair. "T" initial pendant was given to me by my sister. These joke teeth sunglasses are by one of my favourite labels, Fashion Brand Company. Nails are hand sculpted 3D 70s flowers by me, and the perfume I'm wearing is Marrakech by Aesop, layered with Pūrotu Rose by Curio Noir, it's been my signature combo for years.

IG: @hellotanya  



recorded and filmed by Robert George and The Raro Dog team, 2022.


Portrait by Edith Amituanai, 2022.

Last published March 2022.