Taane Mete

New Zealand Fashion Museum · 'to fashion' Intro - Taane Mete

I am:

This is me: I am Māori, Queer and proud. Age has never been something that concerned me. I am constantly surprised at how much i enjoy dressing up. It warms my character when I vibe to my own rhythm and how I can express through what I wear. Dance has kept me moving and yoga has kept me youthful and mobile. 54 has brought out an energy to create all of my dreams and make into reality. Use time on this planet to make change by just taking one step at a time.

I am wearing:

Top: This mesh top was from a show I choreographed and performed in called K' Rd Strip. The dance work toured New Zealand, London and Edinburgh, one of the most favourite shows I've ever been a part of. Tiki: I felt a calling to wear this Tiki as it makes me feel more connected to my parents and my Whakapapa. I wear this piece with pride. It represents family and grounding for me. Bottoms: The Thai pants I'm wearing takes me back to the yoga retreats I used to do in Thailand, Yoga, coconut water and incredible food. Feet: I really loved the look of my footwear, I always felt the eastern influence and reminded me of the Kung Fu movies I used to watch as a kid. Good ole childhood memories. Cologne: VERSACE MAN EAU FRAICHE, reminds me of summer freshness and of an ex who first bought it for me years ago. I've worn it ever since.

IG: @taane_mete

Recorded and filmed by Robert George and The Raro Dog team, 2022.

Portrait by Edith Amituanai, 2022.

Last published March 2022.