The Anomalies ensemble

Jojo Ross was inspired by the ground breaking ideas of string theory when she designed her graduate collection, The Anomalies. String theory is a scientific exploration that states that everything in the work is made up of miniscule, vibrating 11–dimensional strings. "Captivated by the mood of this mind blowing theory, and highly intrigued as to how I could portray other dimensions, I explored and developed 1960s string art techniques. By drilling holes and weaving string through flexible PVC, I discovered with correct tensioning I could make a three-dimensional structure. Incorporated into garments these 3D designs create an hovering effect above black and silver undergarments."


Credit: Loan courtesy of Jojo Ross
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Designer: Jojo Ross
Garment type: Dress worn over a slip dress and pants
Material: Flexible PVC and string (dress), silk cotton lycra (slip dress), silk organza and silk jersey (pants)
Features: This particular design contains around 240m of string.
Colour: Silver, black
Exhibition: A Darker Eden (Silo 6, February 2015)
Label: Jojo Ross
Date: 2011