TEAL military style summer uniform

The flight hostesses inflight summer uniform was in the military style typical of the era. It comprised of a white Moygashel short-sleeved linen dress with pocket flaps that was worn with a gold buckle belt and had three black buttons above the waistline. The shoulders featured black epaulettes with silver ranked stripes much like in the military too. The skirt was straight and fell to just below knee length and was worn with neutral coloured stockings and black court shoes for practicality. The NZ Registered Nurses on board were encouraged to wear their medals as well. A black Glengarry hat was always worn inflight. The flight stewards and technical crew wore black trousers and a white short-sleeved military styled shirt with epaulettes and gold ranked stripes. The look was completed by a black tie and a black peaked cap with white tropical covering. TA for Tasman Airways was embroidered centre front on the cap and appeared on the metal breast and womens' cap badges.


Credit: Text by Air New Zealand
Copyright: Image from Whites Aviation, Alexander Turnbull Library, WA-31498-F. Photo © unknown. Please read the terms of use before reproducing this item.
Garment type: Dress
Material: Moygashel linen
Colour: White
Date: 1956 - 1961