Steven Junil Park - Fashioning Assembly Aotearoa

“I think hand sewing is like your handwriting. It's so intensely personal. Everyone has different hand sewing.”

Steven Junil Park 박준일 is an explorer. Living and working in Ōtautahi, Steven searches for the creative potential in the functional objects we use every day; clothing, furniture, homeware and accessories. His one-off pieces, which often feature traditional craft techniques and meticulous handwork and deploy recycled, repurposed and foraged materials, are a conversation between maker, materials, and user. Steven documents many of his explorations and processes in detailed videos which are shared on Instagram and in real-time stitching workshops. 

For the Global Fashioning Assembly 2022 Aotearoa, he introduces himself and shares the making of a jogakbo ( traditional Korean style of patchwork) inspired coat made from scraps and offcuts of wool fabric and also a pair of trousers made from a discarded Army duffle bag. 


Images copyright Steven Junil Park.

See more of Steven's work in our related stories, at, or @6x4online on Instagram.


Fashioning Assembly Aotearoa was supported by the City Centre targeted rate. 

Global Fashioning Assembly 2022 was supported by the Creative Industries fund NL. 


insta: @globalfashioningassembly