New Zealand Fashion Museum · 'to fashion' Intro - Six

I am:

Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm a fan of wealth and taste. My name is Six. Why Six? Because Seven seemed ostentatious. My mountain is a mystery. My river is a riddle. But I am from the land and of the land and to the land I will return. I grew up in Kirikiriroa, of Scottish and English decent, with three sisters, a traditional mum and a hardworking stepfather. My parents gave me love, support and good values. During your darkest days you can lose everything, but no one can steal your values. The world can be a tough place and at some stage we will all experience trauma. Values not only dictate how we react to the world, but also how the world reacts to us. We can't always choose our situation. What we can choose is how we react to it.

I am wearing:

From top to toes: Hair: cut and coloured by George, Servilles Newmarket. Foundation: Avon. Eyeliner: Scandal Eyes, liquid liner. Lipstick: Marilyn by Chanel. Perfume: Sweet Summer Sweat. Underwear: Triple pack bikini briefs from Countdown. Teeshirt: found on the street, washed and screen printed. Pounamu: gifted to me by Judge Tony Fitzgerald. Necklace: Black Mirror Bracelet, Gift from Japan. Kilt: Summer weight wool Campbell Clan Ancients tartan, made in Scotland. Legs: by nature. Socks: $5 triple pack from Massave, K' Road. Shoes: Doc Martens Polly. Attitude: By Six.

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Recorded and filmed by Robert George and The Raro Dog team, 2022.

Portrait by Edith Amituanai, 2022. 

Last published March 2022.