Silk charmeuse coat with digital print

This coat is designed by Kim Fraser and Deborah Crowe of label Fraser Crowe. It formed the main garment in their assemblage of garments and objects that responded to artist June Black's metaphorical costume, 'Costume for adventures into chaos', for the New Zealand Fashion Museum exhibition, Intellectual Fashion Show 2016. The ensemble responds to the sense of being surrounded by accelerated change; welcoming the adventures change can create, and noticing the risks. This print, developed from an artwork by Deborah, proposes both camouflage and a motif of a place where beauty and toxicity are neighbours; a composite arrangement cluttered with residue from human occupation.


Photographer: Fraser Chatham
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Designer: Deborah Crowe and Kim Fraser
Manufacturing location: Auckland
Garment type: Coat
Material: Silk charmeuse
Features: The coat features a digital textile print titled 'Summer Winter'.
Label: Fraser Crowe
Date: 2016