Short A-line dress with gold hot pants

This black and gold outfit, consists of a short tunic dress with side splits to the waist on both sides which reveal a pair of gold lame hot pants underneath. It has diamond shaped cutouts edged with gold braid on the front, back and sides and was originally an A line skirt. Zora Price talks about this piece in a 2013 interview recorded in relation to the Age of Aquarius exhibition. Here is a transcript from that interview “It’s wool jersey with a gold fleck in it and that’s gold lamé, [...] it’s great stuff, it would show through there [the side slit] from the waist down. That was a very successful frock that one – it was a skirt originally, a dark green skirt; I had it dyed. I believe in getting someone else to do something for me if I can – in this case, get other people to dye it for me – because I thought it was more successful than me dyeing it myself; I would have got it patchy you see. Somewhere in Ferry Road [were] the dyers, Taylors Dyers, something like that [...], down by Ferrymead Bridge [...]. It was a skirt, I wore it as a skirt for a long time – you see there’s the waist: that was the original taping on the waist [reused in the shoulder straps].” Read more about 1970s fashion in the New Zealand Fashion Museum publication The Age of Aquarius: A 70s Revolution in FashionListen to an interview with Zora Price talking about fashion in 1970s Christchurch.


Credit: Zora Price
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Designer: Zora Price
Maker: Zora Price
Manufacturing location: Christchurch
Garment type: A-line dress, hot pants
Material: Wool, lurex thread, lame
Features: The dress is trimmed with gold braid and worn with gold lamé hot pants
Colour: Black, gold
Exhibition: The Age of Aquarius: A 1970s Revolution in Fashion
Date: 1970s