Orange jumpsuit with gold braid trim

Prue Acton began her design career in a "cubby hole" in Flinders Lane in Melbourne, working with her mother to design and produce her first range. In 1965, New York department store, Lord and Taylor, put her garments on their racks where they "sold like the proverbial hot cakes" (Thursday magazine 1971). "A thousand garments were sold in the first week, and this was followed by a replacement order for 1500 a week later." Lord and Taylor also negotiated for the clothes to be made under licence in New York – the beginning of Prue's successful international design business. Prue Acton fashions were made under licence in New Zealand by F M Ritchie Ltd. This orange jumpsuit was typical of her designs, described by Thursday magazine as "well-cut high fashion garment(s) with a great deal of attention given to detail". Read more about 1970s fashion in the New Zealand Fashion Museum publication The Age of Aquarius: A 70s Revolution in Fashion


Credit: Loan courtesy of Faye Flegg
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Designer: Prue Acton
Manufacturing location: Auckland
Garment type: Jumpsuit
Material: Polyester crepe
Features: The jumpsuit is detailed with gold braid and trimmed with small gold buttons.
Colour: Orange, gold
Label: Prue Acton
Date: 1971