NAC summer & winter uniforms

In 1956 a summer uniform was introduced for NAC flight hostesses. It was a white nurse-style dress that had hidden buttons and a panel front. A single wing badge engraved with NAC was worn on the pocket flap of the left false breast pocket. Rows of top stitching approximately 5mm apart were visible on the collar. There were red epaulets with a gold band on shoulders to show rank, and a white belt with a gold buckle. A white blouse with a Peter Pan collar and no tie was worn under the jacket. Hostesses also wore a black Glengarry hat with an NAC embroidered logo. The winter uniform was a black pencil skirt with a single-breasted black jacket that had three black buttons and gold bands on cuffs to show rank. A small metal gold star was worn on the right sleeve above the band also to show rank. A single wing metal badge with NAC text was worn on the left breast.    


Credit: Text by Air New Zealand
Copyright: Photo © Air New Zealand
Credit: Text by Air New Zealand, photo from Archives NZ
Copyright: Photo © CC BY 2.0
Designer: Unknown
Garment type: Dress for summer; jacket, blouse and skirt for winter
Features: Metal single wing badge with NAC on the badge worn on the left pocket flap
Colour: White
Date: 1956