Matariki jacket & dress with woven detail

Misty Ratima won a Hokonui Fashion Award with 'Matariki', a dress and steep-collared jacket that features a woven panel symbolising the Seven Sisters of Matariki or Pleiades cluster of stars. She chose the colours red and tan, alluding to Papatūānuku, and white and silver for Ranginui and the shimmering stars. 


Model Ocean Ratima
Copyright: Photo © Eastern Institute of Technology, All rights reserved
Credit: Courtesy of Misty Ratima
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Designer: Misty Ratima
Manufacturing location: Clive, Hawke's Bay
Garment type: Jacket, dress
Material: Faux leather, cotton sateen
Features: The dress features a front panel of intricately woven diamond shapes.
Colour: Black, red, white, tan, silver
Label: Te Kohu
Date: 2014