Justine Tindley & Flatlander

Justine Tindley operates from a Vogel Street, Dunedin studio, where she curates an heirloom collection of mid-late twentieth century men’s and women’s clothes and designs and makes limited edition pieces for a local clientele.

Justine’s collection presented at the 2014 iD International Emerging Designer Awards was inspired by ideas of metamorphosis and transformation, from the Franz Kafka novella The Metamorphosis. While respecting the traces of use and age in them, she deconstructed and reconstructed pre-worn garments adding vintage fabrics, and her own prints.

A design from Justine Tindley's 2013 collection. Image © Justine Tindley.

The new and exciting layers of clothing she created could be arranged, worn and treasured by male or female wearers. Repurposing and reconstruction of existing garments and materials is still a major focus in her work. As she says, there is enough textile material in the world already.

Text by Jane Malthus. Banner image of Flatlander menswear in the exhibition, A Darker Eden.

First published February 2015, updated February 2020.

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