Gold & white gown with gauntlets

This dress and gauntlets were made by Bruce Papas for Meegan Pollock to wear to the  Auckland Racing Club Ball in about 1986. The dress and gauntlets are made from guipure lace overlayed over gold tissue lame. The guipure lace, from Jakob Schlaepfer, was only 40 cm wide so required careful design to create a dress with that narrow width. The same fabric has been used for the bustier that is part of the white and gold leather suit.



Credit: Garment loan courtesy of Bruce Papas
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Designer: Bruce Papas
Manufacturing location: Titirangi, Auckland
Garment type: Evening dress, gauntlets
Material: Guipure lace, tissue lame
Colour: Gold, white
Label: Bruce Papas Model
Date: 1986