Gold metallic lame & satin wedding dress

Maud Barrell found the fabric for her daughter Beverley's wedding dress many years before it was required. Beverley recalls it as a small roll wrapped up in brown tissue paper. The fabric was about two yards of a French gold metallic lame, enough for a short sleeved bodice and the front panel. The overskirt was satin. The dress was designed by Maud and made by one of her former machinists. Maud had a very clear vision for her only daughter's wedding dress and Beverley recalls that she had very little say in the matter. Beverley spent several hours of her wedding day being photographed at Ray Studios.


Photographer: Ray Studios
Model Beverley White
Credit: Photo courtesy of Beverley Ann White
Copyright: Image © Beverley Ann White
Designer: Maud Barrell
Manufacturing location: Auckland
Garment type: Wedding dress
Material: Gold metallic lame, Duchess Dogana satin
Colour: Gold (bodice), ivory (satin)
Date: 1961