Glitch sweater & pants

This outfit was part of Duncan Chambers-Watson's Otago Polytechnic graduate collection, which was inspired by religious iconography in dystopian science fiction. The sweater was inspired by faulty digital files and glitches and realising half downloaded files as real garments. The pants are a combination of ideas from jet pilot G-suit pants and punk signifiers.


Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Credit: Photo by Dylan McCutcheon-Peat
Copyright: Photo © Duncan Chambers-Watson, All rights reserved.
Designer: Duncan Chambers-Watson
Manufacturing location: Dunedin
Garment type: Sweater, pants
Material: Lambswool and nylon (sweater), linen and polyester (pants)
Colour: White
Exhibition: A Darker Eden (Silo 6, February 2015)
Label: Duncan Chambers-Watson
Date: 2014