Formal dress with matching caplet

Zora entered this dress into the Clothing and Footwear Institute Competition. The dress is trimmed with intricate roulé work and has a matching caplet. “The roulettes here are just wonderful. They had to be all cut on the bias or the cross and then you had to pull them through and it’s quite a lot to get a long piece like that [through]. It had to be bias, otherwise it won’t go around; if it’s on the straight it won’t make rounds like that. We had to show what we had done, we had to parade around in a circle and they clapped us all and we thought we were all great ...” Read more about 1970s fashion in the New Zealand Fashion Museum publication The Age of Aquarius: A 70s revolution in fashionListen to an interview with Zora Price talking about fashion in 1970s Christchurch.


Credit: Zora Price
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Designer: Zora Price
Maker: Zora Price
Manufacturing location: Christchurch
Garment type: Dress, caplet
Material: Textured polyester
Features: Back brass buckle feature, roulé edging and waist detail
Colour: Orange
Date: 1970s