Fille double layer pinafore

Vintage and reappropriation and an anti-consumer aesthetic in a consumer environment are two of the design tactics followed by NOM*d since its inception in 1986. Design Margarita Robertson told Well Made Clothes' Courtney Sanders in 2017 that 'fast fashion' has had a huge effect on our small industry, the obvious one being the loss of many local manufacturers. "I love the fact that we are keeping what could be a dying industry alive in New Zealand."


Model Danielle Hayes
Copyright: Image © NOM*d
Designer: Margarita Robertson
Manufacturing location: Hawkes Bay
Garment type: Pinafore dress
Material: Checked Lace/ Poly Rayon
Features: Double layer pinafore with a base layer of fine houndstooth, overlayed with checked lace. Gathered waist detailing and one pocket in side seam.
Colour: Black
Label: NOM*d
Date: 2018