Help for downloading and reading an e-book

Being There is available to download as a PDF and an EPUB file. Download the file appropriate for your e-reader. The download link you received in our confirmation of purchase email is a once-only download – it can be used only once to download the e-book.

For desktops, laptops and tablets using either Adobe Reader or Adobe Digital Editions.

For Adobe Digital Editions and hand-held e-readers such as Kobo and Kindle. Note that ePub files must be converted to .mobi files for the Kindle e-reader.

Converting ePub files for the Kindle e-reader

  1. Download the Kindle Previewer.
  2. Once the download is finished, install the Kindle Previewer. If you need further instruction on how to install Kindle Previewer, please refer to the Kindle Previewer user guide
  3. Once the install is complete, launch Kindle Previewer.
  4. Click on "Open book" link in Kindle Previewer.
  5. Select the EPUB/HTML/OPF to convert to Kindle e-book.
  6. Follow the instructions to convert the book and preview.
  7. The converted ebook with extension ".mobi" can be obtained from the folder Compiled-filename from the same folder as the source HTML/EPUB.

Please contact us for more information.