Dual Outlook

Fraser Crowe's 'Dual Outlook' was conceived as a fashion outfit for the year 2005. It is a set of five garments to contain or house the viewer in a 'space' away from the demands of hypothetical ever increasing technological pressures in a future. Combining advances in textile technology at the time and traditional weaving, Dual Outlook consists of five elements. The undergarment, a Lycra sheath, is topped by a 'body shield' in a twill weave of nylon and copper wire. The 'fly sheet' train is made of pleated copper coated polyester and the pyramid shaped visor is woven in a plaid pattern. Black nylon gloves complete the outfit. Dual Outlook won the Supreme Award at the 1997 Smokefree Fashion Design Awards (previously Benson & Hedges Fashion Design Awards). It is now part of the collection at Te Papa Museum. 


Credit: Photo by Rob McEldowney
Copyright: Image © Fraser Crowe
Credit: Photographer unknown, photo courtesy of Kim Fraser and Deborah Crowe
Copyright: Image © Fraser Crowe
Designer: Kim Fraser and Deborah Crowe
Manufacturing location: Auckland
Garment type: Ensemble
Material: Lycra, nylon, polyester, copper wire
Features: Handwoven visor, copper coated polyester 'fly sheet'
Colour: Copper, black, transparent
Exhibition: Couture to Chaos: Fashion from the 1960s to Now, a National Gallery of Victoria Travelling Exhibition, 21 April – 6 July 1997 at the Auckland Art Gallery
Label: Fraser Crowe
Date: 1997