Canvas tent parka

Bruno Harding returned to New Zealand in 2016 after three years working as a tailor in New York. He is planning to launch his own label in 2017. He prefers to use repurposed textiles in his design, describing them as a more interesting variety of beautifully aged and detailed fabrics and textures. "At every stage of designing, cutting, making and finishing I like to draw out the thing that interests me about that fabric to create something that is both unique and functional." Bruno interpreted June Black’s ‘Costume with parcel not to be opened until doomsday’ for the Intellectual Fashion Show 2016. His jacket was made from his family’s 1970s era canvas tent. "Our old family tent was constructed of heavy-duty cotton canvas that withstood the forces of nature, yet it was doomed by the introduction of high tech nylons. It had not yet completed its task of protecting me from the world as it had once done, so I converted it into a jacket that now protects me from the elements and holds the parcel that will entertain me till doomsday."


Photographer: Fraser Chatham
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Designer: Bruno Harding
Garment type: Jacket
Material: Cotton canvas
Label: Bruno Harding
Date: 2016