Blue nylon gown with plaited straps

Maud Barrell of Fascinator Frocks was asked to design a nylon evening dress to be exhibited at the Festival of Britain in 1951. Her design was included in a show held in the showrooms of the West Cumberland Silk Mills in London. The show illustrated the advancement of this 'wonder fabric' in the fashion world.  The dress was made from pale blue Checknyl - a trade name for an early nylon fabric. Sekers provided only three yards of the fabric so the dress was carefully cut out with nothing left over.


Model Peggy Green
Credit: Image courtesy of Beverley Ann White
Copyright: Image © unknown
Designer: Maud Barrell
Manufacturing location: 19 Cook Street, Auckland
Garment type: Evening gown
Material: Checknyl
Colour: Pale blue
Label: Fascinator Frocks
Date: 1951