Black & white leather ensemble

This leather jacket and skirt was designed by Brigid Brock, a Christchurch designer who specialised in designing leather garments. It was probably the challenges posed by the constraints of the skins and how to make something special within those boundaries, she explains. "I like puzzles and solving problems so there was ultimately a lot of satisfaction in that. Things that are too easy tend to lose their allure for me quite quickly."


Photographer: Unknown
Model Unknown
Copyright: All Rights Reserved, Image © Brigid Brock
Designer: Brigid Brock
Manufacturing location: Christchurch
Garment type: Jacket, skirt
Material: Japanese lamb-touch cowhide (jacket) , calfskin (skirt)
Features: The jacket has calfskin trim on the collar and cuffs.
Colour: Black, white
Label: Brigid Brock
Date: 1989