Best in show dress

This twenty-seven names dress is part of their summer 2014/15 collection, Rutshire Forever. The collection gives a "flirty little nod" to the Queen of the Cotswolds, Jilly Cooper. "Replete with linen pantsuits and signature dresses fit for a post-polo tipple, the collection name checks all of Cooper’s ravishing heroines: Taggie, Perdita, Tabitha, Cameron Cook. The collection’s effortless tailoring and luxe fabrics will be just the stuff for catching the eye of her most devastatingly handsome hero, Rupert Campbell-Black." 


Credit: Garment loan courtesy of Anjali Stewart and Rachel Easting
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Designer: Anjali Stewart and Rachel Easting
Manufacturing location: Morningside, Auckland
Garment type: Dress
Material: Silk georgette
Features: The dress is screen printed in a custom rosette print that was designed for the Rutshire Forever collection.
Colour: White
Label: twenty-seven names
Date: 2014