Ball dress with appliqué motif

A lesson in traditional Indian sari-wrapping provided the inspiration for Cassandra Beaumont to alter a simple halter neck dress pattern into this dramatic ball dress for the King’s Prep Masquerade Ball. She created the design for the appliqué motif herself, transferring it to the gold satin which was ironed onto interfacing and then cut by hand. Using a spray-on adhesive to hold the motifs in position while she sewed, Cassandra managed to successfully bring together her two tricky fabrics - the red cotton velvet and gold satin acetate. The fitting of this svelte dress is also a noteworthy accomplishment as it was executed without the assistance of either a collaborator or the use of a dressmakers form.


Credit: Garment loan courtesy of Cassandra Beaumont
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Maker: Cassandra Beaumont
Garment type: Ball dress
Material: Cotton velvet, acetate satin, fusing
Date: 2001