Air New Zealand hibiscus kaftan uniform

In 1969 a new look was introduced for Air New Zealand flight hostesses, although they did not abandon their tailored Dior-designed outfits. For inflight wear, hostesses changed to kaftans in four colours - turquoise, watermelon pink, lilac and strawberry with stylised hibiscus embroidered on the sleeves. The kaftan was the major item in the introduction of a hibiscus theme aboard the DC8 and Electra aircraft, emphasising the South Pacific market which the airline serves. Small frangipani flowers were worn at the top of the centre front zip as well. 


Copyright: All Rights Reserved, Image © Air New Zealand
Garment type: Kaftan
Features: Embroidered hibiscus on the sleeves and a frangipani at the front zip
Colour: Turquoise, watermelon pink, lilac & strawberry
Date: 1969-1973