Air New Zealand double-breasted uniform

New Zealander Isabel Harris of Thornton Hall designed the new uniform range for female shorthaul and longhaul cabin crew introduced in August 1987. The collection had many combinations using the basic colours of teal and navy. The blouse and skirt were made from poly-cotton featuring a patterned print with a subtle Koru motif in random squares of navy and teal on a white background. The top blouses to a hip basque featuring a narrow, double-breasted front and could be worn buttoned up to the neck or opened to reveal a smart rever. Blouses in the dress uniform were in mid-teal and were complemented by a double-breasted jacket with brass buttons and epaulettes. The skirt had a slightly elasticised waistband and had two pleats in the front for ease of wear. The jacket and skirt were made from a poly-wool fabric containing 70 percent wool. The navy blue coat was made from a poly-wool gabardine that also had a high wool content and a double breasted button front with epaulettes. Two silk scarves - one long and other square, both featured navy blue, teal and white with a subtle koru motif.


Copyright: All Rights Reserved, Image © Air New Zealand
Designer: Isabel Harris
Maker: Thornton Hall
Manufacturing location: New Zealand and Hong Kong
Garment type: Jacket, top, skirt, dress & coat and matching accessories
Material: Poly-cotton for the blouse, poly-wool for the jacket & skirt and poly-wool gabardine for the coat
Features: Brass buttons and different length silk scarves
Colour: Teal, white & navy
Label: Thornton Hall
Date: 1987-1992