Air New Zealand belted teal & grey uniform

The debut of the Zambesi designed uniform in 2005 and its introduction in 2006 marked the end of 18 months of collaboration between Air New Zealand staff and Zambesi. The Air New Zealand collection by Zambesi was the final touch to the airline's new look long haul service, which was progressively introduced from August 2005. The new uniforms were worn by cabin crew, pilots, airport and travel centre staff. The management group (In Flight Directors, Pursers, Airport Team Leaders) is differentiated from general staff by colour. The uniform was designed around a natural colour palette of greys and teals with varying hues for different members of staff. The jacket was made from merino wool and for female and general staff the jacket was teal with schist neck trim. For males, general staff and management the jacket was slate. The skirt was fully lined merino wool with a fluted hemline and curved pocket welt. For general staff and cabin crew the colour was schist. The trousers were merino wool in a straight-legged style with curved pocket welt. For general staff and cabin crew the colour was schist and for management the darker hue of slate was used. The shirt was a signature piece and was available in mist or stone in a long sleeved style with a Māori design on the front panel. The belted tunic was designed to be worn over trousers or skirts and was available in teal or schist. The tie was optional for staff but for general staff it was in schist when worn or for the management group it was in slate. The top was also merino in a ¾ sleeve style available in schist with a teal contrast colour around neck and sleeves. The dress was designed to be lightweight and could be worn with or without a belt. It was available in teal with a contrast colour on the interior of the neck and sleeves so it could be worn with the neck open and sleeve ends folded up. It also featured the curved pocket welt consistent throughout the range. The merino wrap was another signature piece that was for cabin crew only. The teal wrap had three arm holes, a fastening button and a Māori design at both ends of the wrap. It could be worn over the tunic, merino top or dress and over the jacket for added warmth.


Copyright: All Rights Reserved, Image © Air New Zealand
Designer: Zambesi
Maker: Booker Spalding, Deane Apparel
Manufacturing location: China, Indonesia, New Zealand
Garment type: Jacket, top, trousers, skirt and matching accessories
Material: Merino wool
Colour: Teal, schist and slate
Label: Zambesi
Date: 2005-2010