The Trons band t-shirt

The Trons played a gig at the Lopdell House Theatre, in the basement of Lopdell House not long before the building was closed for renovations in April 2012. The show was the closing gig for the annual Titirangi Festival of Music.

Andrew Clifford bought this t-shirt at the gig, unaware that he would soon be working for the refurbished Lopdell House, as director of the new Te Uru Gallery.

"The Trons were billed as 'the most exciting electron band since Kraftwerk' and were described as New Zealand’s first original ‘robot band’ with no human members and all instruments played by robots built from junk and salvaged materials. Their distinctive style of DIY garage rock has better rhythm than your average washing machine."

Built by Greg Locke, they have become unlikely international stars. Andrew wrote about The Trons in an essay about invented instruments for the book Home, Land and Sea: Situating Music in Aotearoa New Zealand.



Credit: Garment courtesy of Andrew Clifford
Garment type: T-shirt
Colour: Green
Date: 2012